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Recreational Shooting Range

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Fort Polk is nestled in the heart of sportsman paradise! It's only fitting that we offer a shooting range full of opportunities to help hone your skills. The range accommodates many shooting styles and skill levels.


  • skeet/trap range
  • small arms range
  • rifle range
  • archery
  • paintball

Groups or clubs may rent the range at a reduced rate.

Events may be rescheduled due to range control commitments.

FP Form 563
AR 190-3
AR 190-11
Price List

Monday through Thursday by Reservation Only.

* Minimum of 15 paying patrons at $15 per person ($225) for 2 hours.

*Minimum of 25 paying patrons at $15 per person ($375) for 3.5 hours.

Shooting Complex Price  
Day Pass $10  
Steel Targets $5  
Clay Pigeons $20 per 50  


Type Price
Pistol Shooting   $10 per day
Rifle Shooting $10 per day
Skeet/Trap $20 for 50
.22 Ammo $3.50 for 50 rounds
.12 Ammo $8 for 25 rounds
.20 Ammo $7 for 25 rounds
Spotting Scope Rental $3
Archery $10
Bow and 5 Arrows $10 per day
20 Targets for 3D Archery    $10 for 20 target rounds

Paintball Rental Fee

Includes Mask, Gun, Air, and Field Use

Paintball Field Use $7 per person
Air Refill (air only) $1 per fill
500 Paint-balls $15
Hunting on Fort Polk

For more information about hunting on Fort Polk, please follow this link:

Hunting Information

Transporting Firearms on Fort Polk

Hunters and marksmen not assigned to Fort Polk are welcome to use the Wildlife Management area and Recreational Shooting Range if they follow a few basic guidelines. These rules are designed to make access to available leisure activities more convenient, while assuring the safety of the post population and its visitors. 

In accordance with JRTC and Fort Polk Regulation 190-3, unloaded firearms must be separated from ammunition and will not be easily accessible to the driver or occupants. The weapon must be in the trunk of a car, in a truck tool box, camper, or bed. The ammunition must be stored in a separate location.

Company Fall Softball Season

Sep 29

Company Fall Softball Season

Sep 29