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Auto Skills Center

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Let's face it, cars can be a lot of trouble sometimes. Thanks to the Auto Skills Center, repairs, tune-ups and regular maintenance don't have to be pricey. You've got friends in the business. The Skills Center is equipped with almost everything necessary to aid in those do-it-yourself repairs. Experienced mechanics stand ready to answer questions and lend a helping hand.

The Auto Skills Center has a great resale shop for parts, accessories and maintenance products to get your car in tip-top shape.

At Details Car Wash you can keep your car looking great. It's centrally located across from Wheelock-Bayou Classic Fitness Center between Georgia and Alabama. Details Car Wash has 6 car wash bays and 8 vacuums. Tokens to wash GSA vehicles can be obtained at the TMP Motor Pool.


A safety orientation class is offered Thursdays at 12:30 p.m and Saturdays at 9:30 am. You must attend this class before you can use the Auto Skills Center to work on your vehicle.

Basic car class is offered on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 1 p.m. The class is free.

Flat Bay Fee $5/HR  
Lift Bay Fee $7/HR  
Oil Change Bay Fee $3.50 (30 Min Max)  
Inside Overnight Bay Fee  
Radiator Test $2  
Drill Press $2  
Pressure Washer $10/HR  
Tire Break DIY (Per Tire) $3  
Tire Break Low Profile $8  
Crane $1/DAY  
Bench Work $4/HR  
Arc Welding $8/HR  
Aluminum Weld $15/HR  
Battery Charge $2/HR  
Battery Test $5  
Lube Gun (w/Grease) $2  
Body Work $1/HR  
Hydraulic Press $20  
Pip Bending (Per Bend) $6  
Wheel Balance (Regular) $5  
Wheel Balance (Static) $7  
Plasma Cutter $10/HR  
Mig Weld $16/HR  
Strut Compression $15  
Cam Bearing Installation $5  
A/C Service (Freon Not Included) $40  
VAT-40 (Charging System Test) $5  
Computer Diagnostic $25  
Brake Rotor/Drum Turn $8  
Valve Grind $2  
Low Profile Tire (Mount & Balance) $15  
1-Year LA State Inspection $10  
2-Year LA State Inspection $20  
Tire Plug $2  
Alignment Check $30
Alignment Complete $60
Gas Oxy Acct $6/HR
Part/Component Storage $2/Day


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