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Allen Memorial Library

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General Library Information System

The General Library Information System (GLIS) includes most Army MWR Libraries, as well as some Air Force and TRADOC Libraries. This automated system allows registered library user to have access to downloadable audio books and eBooks (for free), research and making request for items. Once registered, the library user registration information will follow the Soldier and/or Family Members in relocation or deployments.

For first-time users, click on "New to My Account" in order to acquire a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You must ensure that the e-mail address you enter to create your PIN is the same email address you submitted to the Library when you registered as a borrower. Once your PIN is established, this enables to renew your own books or request materials to be purchased.

With an AKO account, a number of academic database can be accessed. On the AKO homepage, click on the "Self Service" pull down box and then click on "My Library." 

Once you have registered at your local GLIS Library, you can set up an online account to manage your library use from anywhere at any time.

Library Summer Reading Activity Calendar

Summer Reading Program Rules


All registered Library account holders are welcome to participate in our annual

Summer Reading Program:


Sign up at the Library or starting 10 June and receive a free book bag (while supplies last).

You may begin tracking your progress online starting 13 June.

 Pre-Readers and Children read 300 minutes per week, approximately 45 minutes a day.   Teens and Adults read 300 minutes (5 hours) per week. Each Reading Week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Prize pick up for that week starts on Saturday.

Books must be at or above your reading level. You may also listen to audio books, read Graphic Novels or Mangas, or, a parent or older sibling may read to you.

Track your progress at by recording the minutes spent reading each week.

 Log minutes online before coming to Library every week to claim your prize. Prizes will be awarded after logging 300 minutes each week.

Only one (1) prize will be awarded per person, at each level.

You may claim prizes from previous weeks if you have not received them yet , but you may not claim prizes sooner than the designated week(while supplies last). The 6-week prize line-up appears in the Reading Incentives Chart.

The last day to collect prizes is 31 July.

Participants who log at least 1500 minutes during the 6-week program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.






REGISTER at the Library by:

01 JULY  2 PM TEEN Wreck this Canvas


29 June

03 JULY  1 PM TEEN Custom Shirts

01 July 

03 July

2:30 PM ADULT Custom Shirts 01 July
06 July  11:30 AM 0-12 YRS

Storytime: Ice Cream

01 July 
06 July 1 PM 0-12 YRS Galaxy Jars 04 July 
07 July  5 PM ADULT

Coloring & Company 

05 July 
08 July 2 PM TEEN Melted Crayon Art 06 July 
10 July  1 PM ALL AGES We Got Games 09 July 
13 July 11:30 PM 0-12 YRS StoryTIme: The Day the Crayons Quit 11 July 
13 July 1 PM 0-12 YRS Rainbow Stained Glass 11 July 
14 July 5 PM ADULT Coloring &  Company 12 July 
15 July 2 PM TEEN Wreck this Room 13 July 
17 July 1 PM TEEN 3D Printing 15 July 
17 July 2:30 PM ADULT 3D Printing 15 July 
20 July 11:30 PM 0-12 YRS StoryTIme: The Day the Crayons Came Home 18 July 
20 July 1 PM 0-12 YRS Spray Bottle Paint 18 July
21 July 5 PM ADULT Coloring &  Company 19 July 
22 July  2 PM TEEN Duct Tape Art 20 July 
24 July  1 PM TEEN Custom Shirts 22 July 
24 July 2:30 PM ADULT Custom Shirts 22 July 


More Libraries

Story Time at Allen Memorial Library

Nov 30 11:30 am

Story Time at Allen Memorial Library

Nov 30 11:30 am